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Replacement Combi Boiler

Are you considering a boiler replacement? A popular choice amongst our many customers in Telford and Shropshire is the highly efficient, condensing combi or combination boiler.

Combi boilers eliminate the need for a hot water storage tank, making them an ingenious space-saving idea. Both a high-efficiency water heater and central heating boiler, combined in one compact unit - your combi boiler usually sits in the kitchen or utility room, giving you enormous space saving benefits as you will no longer need a hot water storage cylinder or cold water storage cistern.

If you choose a replacement combi boiler you will enjoy significant saving and hot water delivered through your taps or shower at mains pressure. So you can enjoy a powerful shower without the need for a pump. There are no tanks in the roof space, this means less pipe work and a shorter installation time.

Making the decision to replace your boiler is easier with free advice. We hope these information pages will help you, and if you live in the Shropshire or Telford area you can get a FREE visit from a fully qualified heating engineer who can guide you through all your options for replacement boilers, and give you a keenly priced quote which we promise will make you smile.

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